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2005 год


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RosCon 2005

For all SF fans!

You are welcomed in biggest Russian SF convention - RosCon-2005

Moscow, 2005, February 10 - 13

RosCon 2005 – is meeting of most famous and popular scince fiction writers of Russia and neighbouring countries, SF criticists, publishers, translators, cinematographists and just fans.

RosCon 2005 – is friendly intercourse and informal contacts, active rest and creative work.

RosCon 2005 – is seminars in various problems of science fiction fiction and science fiction cinema, hot debates and master-classes for beginning authors.

Prestigeous “RosCon” literary awards based on most democratic principles:

  • no pre-selection,
  • no jury.

All conventioneers take part in voting by list of all SF novels, stories and criticism (three nominations), published in 2004.

Two-rounded ballot, by shortlist in second round.

Will be presented original literary award “Alice” (founded by russan SF writer Kir Bulychev), tradicional for RosCon, for best juvenile science fiction.

Special award “Big RosCon” will be presented by OrgCommittee of convention due SF merits. Besides, for other worthy of note will be special prizes and diplomas.

Date – from 10 till 13 Ferbruary, 2005.

Place - “Berezki” sanatorium.

Cost of participation (3 days, residence and nourishment included):

  • in one-roomed apartment (with every conveniences) for two people, per one - € 125 at the door / € 105 in prepayment.
  • in two-roomed apartment for three, per one - € 110 at the door / € 90 in prepayment.
  • in two-roomed apartment for two (half-deluxe), per one - € 145 / € 125.
  • in one-roomed apartment for one - € 190 / € 160.


Any other information you can get by phone:

(095) 918-1087 (MCF, Oleg Kolesnikov),
(095) 170-7231 (Oleg Kolesnikov)
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