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2007 год


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RosCon 2007

For all SF fans!

You are welcomed in biggest Russian SF convention - RosCon-2006

Moscow, 2007, March 22 - 25

RosCon 2007 – is meeting of most famous and popular scince fiction writers of Russia and neighbouring countries, SF criticists, publishers, translators, cinematographists and just fans.

RosCon 2007 – is friendly intercourse and informal contacts, active rest and creative work.

RosCon 2007 – is seminars in various problems of science fiction fiction and science fiction cinema, hot debates and master-classes for beginning authors.

Date – from 22 till 25 March, 2007.

Place - “Lesnye Dali” sanatorium.

Cost of participation (3 night, residence and nourishment included):

in one-roomed apartment (with every conveniences) for two people, per one 150 €
in one-roomed apartment (for two people) with kitchen 170 €
in two-roomed apartment for two people 185 €
in two-roomed apartment for two people (half-deluxe) 230 €
in two-roomed apartment for 4 people 135 €
in one-roomed apartment (for 3 people) with kitchen 135 €
single-room 220 €

Other options - asks by e-mail:

Any other information you can get by phone:

(495) 918-1087 (MCF, Oleg Kolesnikov),
(495) 170-7231 (Oleg Kolesnikov)
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